Food Friday: Make-aheads

Recently I picked up a Cook’s Illustrated magazine called “Make-Ahead Dinners.” They issue these compilations fairly often, repurposing recipes they’ve done in regular issues of the magazine, with different themes. This one includes 9 complete themed meals with main dishes, sides and desert. For example, one is a “Saint Patrick’s Day Pub-Style Dinner for 8”.

I tend to appreciate CI/ATK’s scientific rigor in principle but then in practice choose the simplest recipes they have, and then simplify them even more myself. In that vein, I have made two recipes so far: Overnight Broiled Kebabs, which were fine but not worth repeating, IMO, and Freezer Biscuits. The latter I’ve made but not actually eaten yet – you make up the dough, roll it out and cut out the biscuits before freezing them. The biscuits are cream biscuits and baked straight from frozen. I halved the recipe and I have great hopes for it, since CI’s buttermilk drop biscuits are my go-to biscuit. If the biscuits are good, I’ll report back.

There’s a third recipe I want to try for pureed butternut squash, a dish I like but rarely bother to make. This version uses the microwave to steam the squash and can be frozen before final serving. It seems like it would work very well when divided up in to smaller containers, which really works for my cooking needs these days.


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