Alternatives to Gwynnie Bee, part 2

Since I lost weight last year, I’ve been in the size 12-14 range (on the high end right now thanks to several stressful events, sigh). Since the turn of the year I’ve been threatening to stop my subscription to Gwynnie Bee (written about previously here and here) because they focus on plus sizes and their selection in sizes below 14w is less than ideal. Yet I keep on finding enough items to fill up my virtual queue. And the other day they added NYDJ jeans to their offerings – not a huge plus for me since NYDJ is always too short for me, but maybe one of the cropped pairs will work for summer.

Occasionally I do an internet search to see if anyone’s come out with a Gwynnie Bee equivalent in smaller sizes. There are a few out there, although none seems perfect for me. Le Tote is recommended by several bloggers, but only goes up to a size 10. CoutureSqd has a wider size range and is cheaper but you only get one shipment per month, as opposed to GB and Le Tote’s ‘as many as the mail will bring’ exchanges. The newest option to me is thesixohsix, which seems to focus on designer casual wear, and is a straightforward rental service – you choose the item(s) you want to borrow and they send them to you for a 10 day rental period.

The one that gets the best reviews is StitchFix, which is slightly different in that it’s not a rental service; they send you a monthly box of items to try for potential purchase. Everything is returnable if you don’t like it, but there’s a $20 styling fee each month (applicable to your purchase if you make one).
I’ve got so many clothes right now I can’t really justify a StitchFix subscription, but I am definitely considering it for the future. Anyone tried any of these services?

5 thoughts on “Alternatives to Gwynnie Bee, part 2

    • I don’t, unfortunately. You can buy items at Gwynnie Bee, although their focus is on rental, and there’s no personal shopper aspect to it. I seem to remember that Stitch Fix was hoping to expand their size range, but I might have dreamed that. A regular personal shopper, either in person or online, might be worth trying.

    • You should look into YourStyleCompass ( they are an online personal styling service for women size 10 and up. You sign up, take a quiz, pick your plan, and receive a monthly lookbook filled with fully styled looks!

  1. I tried Le Tote. Love the accessories but clothes came wrinkled and not as high quality as Gwynnie. But at a size 10/12 I’m hoping I will soon be 8 or less and not able to use Gwynnie. I will miss it…love getting my box.

    • Thanks for the info. I’m not a big accessory person which is one of the reasons that Le Tote never appealed to me. I think Stitch Fix includes jewelry by default as well.

      Gwynnie Bee is not perfect, but it does have positive attributes which have kept me subscribing for a year. Especially since they have finally improved their shipping speed thanks to the new warehouse in the last month.

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