Food Friday: Dorito chicken

Burger-based fast food leaves me cold, but I am an unashamed fan of Taco Bell. Recently the Bell has added a Meal Deal option akin to McDonald’s Mini Meals – one item (I usually go for the shredded chicken burrito), a side, and a soda that’s actually not large enough for a small child to drown in. The side is a bag of Doritos, and while I can dig a Cool Ranch Dorito once in a while, the regular nacho cheese flavor is not my thing. Thus I end up with the odd snack-size bag of Doritos lying around, never getting eaten.

Such it was when I found myself staring down the barrel of a package of chicken on its use-by-date (how’s that for an overly-dramatic mixed metaphor?). ‘Self,’ I said, ‘what about Dorito-crusted chicken?,’ and a great light shone down upon me… No, that’s not how it went. First I laughed at myself, second I verified that the spouse might actually eat such a thing, and thirdly I checked the Internet, where of course many had trod these paths before me.

The recipe I ended up using as my base is this one for Doritos Crusted Chicken Fingers. I didn’t change much, although I did end up making faux buttermilk out of milk and lemon juice, and only letting it sit for a half hour or so before breading. I only had one snack-sized bag of Doritos, so I paired it with panko breadcrumbs which also kept the whole thing from being too Dorito-y (another made up word for ya). The result was pretty tasty, and I’d imagine would go over well with kids and the chronically immature, I mean young-at-heart.

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