Food Friday: Marinated Carrots

Once we got settled in our new place, I started looking for farmers’ markets and other sources of veggies. I’ve had to say goodbye to the Good Eggs deliveries I loved, because they don’t deliver in our new area yet. I got on the waiting list for one of the local CSA boxes, thinking at least that I’d have a shot at next year, but to my surprise they had a mid-season cancellation. I was able to sign up for weekly veggies from now until November.

I’d gotten out of the habit of having this much produce at once, not to mention stuff that I don’t always know what to do with. I had a bunch of carrots that were getting a bit past their prime, and instead of roasting them or something boring, I decided to give these marinated carrots from Food in Jars a go.

My version was a little altered (aren’t they always?). Since I had no mint I used a small hot pepper instead, seeded and chopped, which gave the whole thing a pleasant kick. And I used regular rice vinegar and added a tablespoon or so of simple syrup. Did you know that the only difference between seasoned rice vinegar and unseasoned is that the seasoned has sugar and salt added to it? I didn’t, until I was making up this recipe.


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