The season of pumpkin spice has begun

Flypaper thoughts, ala Barbara @ Sewing on the Edge (true confession, I couldn’t remember her blog URL, and couldn’t find it in my blog reader that quickly, so I Googled ‘Babs sewing blog Miss Scarlett Canada’ and lo and behold, one of her blog posts was the third result):

  • I went to Artistry in Fashion last weekend. It was OK. I always feel bad that I’m the only spanner in the works regarding Artistry in Fashion, as there’s always such a positive vibe about it in blogs or on Pattern Review. It’s just that in the years that I’ve been attending, every year there’s less and less raw materials sold, and more and more finished items. This year there was only the button stand, and one stand selling vintage textiles, trim, buttons and a few patterns. Oh yeah, and the Park Bench Patterns lady was there selling finished pieces as well as her backlog of printed patterns – apparently she’s retiring and not going to be visiting shows anymore, or designing any more patterns. Everything else was independent designers selling clothes, jewelry, bags, etc. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, I’m just not the audience for it. If I’m going to wear something art-to-wear, it’s because I made it myself. I did go to the Pati Palmer ‘fashion show’ and that was cool to see. I’ve added a few additional McCalls to my ginormous list of things I should sew.
  • I’ve got a review of a slow cooker book in the next issue of the San Francisco Book Review. Sadly I haven’t actually made anything from it yet, particularly as it’s still really warm here and stews aren’t really the thing. I’ve got tons of the recipes bookmarked, though, so hopefully soon there’ll be a Food Friday with one or more of them.
  • I went to a WordPress meetup the other day in preparation of moving this blog to its own domain, which I’ve been wanting to do for years but have put off. Part of it is that I’m hesitant to combine the different parts of my online life – until now I’ve kept my sewing stuff separate from my writing life separate from my personal friends and family. Anybody have any strategies for how you do it?
  • This weekend I’m off to a writing conference, then the next weekend we’re heading to Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding, then we’ve got family visiting the next week. Sometime around Halloween I should be able to take a breath again.
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