Plus ca change

I’ve been under the weather, and I have spent an alarming amount of time sprawled on the couch reading the GOMI forums on my iPad. Now, if you don’t know about GOMI I wouldn’t necessarily recommend reading it, especially if you’re an “accentuate the positive” kind of person. But their crafting forums, in particular, have some spot-on and needed critiques of sewing and crafting blogs.

The whole thing got me thinking about how much the sewing blogosphere has changed since I started sewing (and blogging, sort of). There’s a lot more ‘monetization’, as the kids call it, and a lot more blogs by people who are blogging as part of their business or in order to get affiliate money. The flowering of “I just sew and wanted to share” blogs that happened 5 or so years ago is well over, with a few grizzled veterans hanging on.

I side-eye a lot of Pattern Review’s policies, and their forum software is truly from the last century (the recent ‘site redesign’ is the equivalent of putting lipstick on a pig, as my grandmother used to say). But there are people who post there who have been sewing a long time and know their techniques cold, and that’s why I still am active there, because there’s actual useful content. Not a $15 PDF pattern sold online by someone who just started sewing six months ago, or a poorly-written tutorial by someone who really doesn’t know what they’re doing.

I’m a mediocre sewer at best, but I’m well aware of that fact, which is why I still have this free blog and don’t pretend I’m some kind of expert. In retrospect it makes me sad to think about how much time I’ve spent reading/discussing sewing on the internet rather than actually sewing.

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