2015 reading challenge: February report

Second month for the Popsugar reading challenge. I’m getting to the point where I’ve knocked off most of the easy categories, and need to start choosing ahead of time which categories I want to complete, rather than reading a book and fitting it into the categories ex post facto.

By the way, I’ve included grades (A-F) for each book, and will go back and add them to the January post as soon as I publish this. They aren’t intended as some sort of overall guide to literary merit, just a loose approximation of “Did I enjoy reading this? Did it accomplish what it set out to do?”

Here are the categories I completed in February:

A book published this year:
Procrastinate on Purpose: 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time by Rory Vaden. Grade: C

A book with a love triangle:
The Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter. Grade: B

A book you can finish in a day:
Funny Girl by Nick Hornby. Grade: B

A book that made you cry:
Boy on Ice by John Branch. Grade: B

Months completed: 2 of 12 (16.66%)
Challenges completed: 9 of 50 (18%)


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