Buying digital patterns from Knipmode

Note for all you Knipmode fans: you can now buy PDF patterns from their website and pay using Paypal. Although the website still looks the same, the backend has clearly changed, because the process for buying patterns is quite different from the last time I did it (last year sometime, I think). I read, on the Pattern Review boards, something about the publishing company that used to print Knipmode going out of business, and Knipmode being taken over by a new publisher. Presumably all the changes are due to that.

Unfortunately, it’s still not that easy to browse previews of the magazine or to browse the digital patterns. But at least it’s possible, with some patience and Google Translate open in another tab, to buy PDF patterns, and pay for them with Paypal if you want (credit cards are also an option, but international purchasing can get weird with those sometimes).

Keep in mind that the PDFs are sized for A4 paper/printers – if you’re printing on 8.5×11, you can shrink the instructional pages so they’ll fit on the page. But make sure not to do that for the pattern pieces, or your pattern won’t be the right size – printing A4 on 8.5×11 at 100% will crop off the top and bottom of each page just a little bit, but in my experience not so much that you won’t be able to figure out how the pattern goes together. (Note to self: figure out if my printer will print on A4 and get some A4 paper.)

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