A finale of sorts

It’s probably clear by now, given that it’s December 18th, that I’m not going to finish the last two books on my Popsugar reading challenge this year. I have lurched through about half of All the President’s Men, but it is truly bewildering in its pointless detail, and I just can’t make myself read any more of it.

I’ve received my print copy of War and Peace, in the recent translation that was recommended, but I’m not going to haul it around with me (it is quite sizeable) during my holiday travels, so I won’t start it until after the new year.

I’m not sure whether I’ll do any more reading challenges in 2016. I did come across a list of “the ten best books of 2015” – highly contentious stuff but this list seemed like a decent start – so I might just read all of those.

I found this challenge really fun; it got me to read some of the classics and a lot of stuff I would never have gotten around to otherwise.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and a happy season to you all. I have been sewing a bit, and hopefully soon I’ll have some finished projects to share.

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