Book challenge for 2016

[I had a draft of this saved, but somehow didn’t press publish. Happy New Year, a bit late (well, Chinese New Year isn’t until February 8th, so I guess I’m early!).]

If you’re looking for a book challenge for 2016, Popsugar is doing theirs again, with a new set of categories this year. Or there’s the Amazon Editors 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime, or the Goodreads Choice Awards winners for 2015 if you want to focus on new books. I’ve decided to keep my goals modest for this year and plan to complete a list of ten best books of 2015 from Glamour magazine.

I read a lot of nonfiction, classics, and genre fiction already, so focusing on recent literary fiction (most of this list) seems like a good idea. To these ten books I’m adding War & Peace, which I didn’t get done in 2015, leaving me with 11 books for 12 months (I’ll give myself an extra month for W&P).

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