Reading progress report, June

I didn’t complete any books on my list in May. In June I finished Becoming Nicole, by Amy Ellis Nutt. This is a nonfiction book, about a transgender teenager in Maine and her family. It had some interesting insights, but it almost felt too personal and invasive. Obviously the family had agreed to share a lot with the writer and knew that the book would be published, and wanted to share their experiences. It’s just my own penchant for privacy, I guess, especially for those under 18. The one aspect of transgender life that I hadn’t thought much about was that given increasing knowledge and hormone therapy, children who feel decidedly transgender before puberty can now receive medication that delays/changes puberty and then have surgery at 17 or 18, as long as parents/doctors agree. That’s a very different experience than having to wait until you’re older, or realizing your transgender-ness when you’re older and have been an adult for a while.

The year’s half over and thanks to my early binge reading, I’m still ahead of schedule despite my recent slowness. Then again, I’m less than 50 pages into War & Peace and it’s probably as long as the rest of the books put together!

I’ve eliminated a couple books as I’ve gone so it seems like a good idea to repost the entire list with my changes and what I’ve completed so far.

Read: Between the World and Me; H is for Hawk; An Ember in the Ashes; The Wright Brothers; Hold Still; Americanah; Becoming Nicole

Still to read (original list): Purity; The Girl on the Train; War & Peace

Eliminated: Fates & Furies; The Nightingale

Added: All the Light We Cannot See; A Little Life

Books read this month: 1

Books read total: 7

Percentage of year complete: 50%

Percentage of books complete: 58%

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