SWAP’s ‘a comin’…

Julie at Timmel Fabrics has posted the rules for the 2008 Timmel SWAP (Sewing with a plan) Contest. Every year she includes a new ‘twist’ – last year’s twist was that one garment had to be reversible. This year the twist is wardrobing – at least three of your eleven garments have to be made from one wardrobe-type pattern, a pattern that has 3 or more totally different garments included in the pattern.

I think this is a really cool twist, and gets back to the inspiration for SWAPping in the first place. There’s been a lot about wardrobing recently, including in the most recent Sew Stylish. (Although I’m apparently the only person who hated the wardrobe pattern they chose to use and modify – the jacket and dress would look horrible on anyone rounded or busty, imo.) Also, if you choose something with a jacket and top, your necklines will automagically go together without you worrying about it.

Julie has listed the Vogue patterns that would work for the contest on the Fall SWAP-style sewing thread at Stitcher’s Guild, and I just posted a list of New Look patterns that should work. At first I was thinking of using this new Vogue pattern, 2989; I definitely want to make the jacket soon in any case.

But after having looked through the New Looks, I’m thinking that perhaps I could go even simpler, with NL 6571:

Part of my ponderings is that I’m still working on fitting Vogues successfully, while I’ve got NL pretty licked, at least for anything except pants. I’m bound and determined to finish my SWAP this year, so that’s why I’m leaning in the easy knits direction.