Starting to think about fall sewing

Colette Patterns is doing another palette challenge, this one for fall. Long-time readers of my blog may remember that SWAPs and wardrobe sewing always appeal to me mentally, but then I never actually finish the darn things. OK, I did finish one SWAP a couple years ago, but several of the pieces were basically DOA and never got worn. This palette challenge makes me want to reconsider – mostly because I love the set of Pantone colors that are supposed to be in for fall. Silliness of the whole Pantone color trend thing aside, I adore that palette – which is funny since individually some of them I tend to avoid, like the mid-orange and the Pepto-pink (so not the names Pantone gave them!).

Speaking of Colette, how cute are the new patterns for fall? I still haven’t progressed with my Beignet muslin but if the fit is as good as the tissue fit suggested, I will be all over the pants pattern.

And here it’s nearly August

Well, summer has arrived in the Bay Area at last, which means that my garage-slash-sewing room is pretty toasty most of the day. I’ve been out in my tiny garden urging on my poor tomato plants, and doing a lot of other things besides sewing. But, as the experts say, if you can’t sew, buy fabric and patterns! Hot Patterns is having a 20% off sale until the end of the month, and so I pulled the trigger on the Marrakesh pants which so many folks on PR have had success with. I also bought the Colette Beignet with a discount code I received for filling out their survey. It’s another one of those patterns I’ve been meaning to try for a while, but have never gotten around to.

I’ve just changed my blog theme, and updated some of the widgets on the front page. If you see anything wonky, please do let me know.