The dreaded curve: is it what separates quilters and garment sewers?

Every so often I browse the modern quilts group on flickr. It can be a great source of ideas and inspiration, whether you quilt or not. Via it I ended up on Angela’s Cut to Pieces blog. She’s got a great eye for design and color. I was amused, however, to see the super-detailed tutorial on set-in circles. It’s a great tutorial but it reminds me how much most quilters are afraid of curves. Seriously, if you’ve ever set in a few sleeves the amount of agita that people have over blocks like Drunkard’s Path will crack you up. I’m not saying that sewing curves together isn’t trickier than sewing a straight line, but I don’t think it’s so hard that most people can’t accomplish it. I’m much more scared of free-motion quilting than I am of doing a set-in circle like Angela shows.

I find curves fiddly but straightforward, if that makes any sense – they’re fussy but not complicated. Just remember to match your seamlines, not your cutlines, mark clearly and use a lot of pins, and go slowly and adjust as you go.