Weekend wrap-up

I reviewed the Decades of Style bias-cut apron and Butterick 3418 victorian skirt patterns; both reviews are on PatternReview.

I went to Artistry in Fashion for the first time this weekend. The student fashion show was interesting to watch, although I saw a lot of fitting issues in several of the garments. I was a bit disappointed in the sale; I got some polymer clay and some regular buttons, as well as a pair of earrings, but the clothes didn’t impress me. There were some gorgeous handwovens, but a) I don’t wear handwovens very often (aren’t they too warm for this climate?) and b) I would have had to take out a loan to afford them. The primary influence on the sewn garments seemed to be raw seams and deconstruction. In some pieces it looked edgy, and in some pieces it just looked like they were taking the easy way out in finishing. I liked Erin Mahoney‘s stuff the best, and she seemed to have a few pieces in larger sizes as well.