More fall inspirations: Garnet Hill

Not a lot of specifics from this catalog, but the general vibe of their “winter warm-up” catalog is very nice. I’ve been thinking about an achievable ‘feel’ for my SWAP collection, and a lot of GH’s Eileen Fisher and EF-like pieces have a great uncomplicated, simple but luxurious feel.

This sweater is the kind of thing I could never buy RTW, thanks to my pear shape – what fit in the shoulders and torsos would cling unmercifully on the butt and hips. I’m still not sure it would suit me, but at least I could get the right amount of ease everywhere if I made it myself.

Looking for a way to use up your orphan button stash?

For you quilters and quilt-fanciers: I thought this was a nice take on the cathedral window, with tea-stained-esque dark cream muslin, and cotton velveteen in saturated country colors.