Avoiding the orange evil

After I started sewing again, I quickly learned to avoid the fabric store in October, especially the last half of it. Non-sewers’ ambitions for Halloween costumes are often much bigger than their skills or the time they allow for their projects. I feel for the poor cutters at Joann’s that have to answer completely insane queries from unprepared moms (usually) or dads. Note to crazy people: you will probably be unlikely to make an entire princess costume for your daughter in one day, especially if you’ve never sewn before, and particularly if you don’t even know her measurements or size.

The other day I realized that one of my favorite thrift stores has also been infected with Halloween insanity – half the store had been converted into a costume collection. Note to self: don’t go there the last week of October, or you will be crushed by last-minute costume seekers.

When I was a kid, my costumes were usually homemade, but usually cobbled together from pieces I already had. My favorite costume was one I made with my dad – we glued together several cardboard boxes, covered them with aluminum foil, and then inserted several working lightbulbs behind colored translucent plastic to make a traffic light. I could switch all my lights on and off; it was awesome. These days, I usually stick to my trusty Halloween t-shirt with glow-in-the-dark dancing skeletons.

What about you? Are you making any costumes this year, for yourself or others? Do you, like me, avoid the fabric store this month?