Made-It Monday: Fail edition

It’s still Monday here for a couple hours so I will tell you about the total fail project I just gave up for dead and stomped off from my sewing den like a kid having a tantrum.

I wanted to try the free MariaDenmark kimono tee pattern in my new size, so I made a muslin out of a print knit remnant. It fit reasonably well but was basically a belly shirt, so it occurred to me that I could add a contrasting remnant as a gathered peplum and maybe make a cute tunic.

Putting it together worked reasonably well but when I tried it on, total ick. I haven’t worn anything so unflattering since I was allowed to pick out my own clothes. I think the main problem is where the peplum seam hit – it needed to either be higher and empire style (not my best look but tolerable in drapey knits) or down at the natural waist, not a few inches above. I have a substantial ribcage (all those years of choir when I was a kid) and anything that emphasizes the below-the-bra-band, above-the-belly-button area is horrific on me. This is why I can rarely shop for fitted dresses with a waist seam, since I’m tall with a long torso, and the waist seam always falls too high on me.

The spouse agreed that it was not a good look. I’ve restrained myself from tossing the whole thing in the trash – maybe I can reuse some of the fabric for trim or contrast.

(I did get close to finishing my Sorbetto and I think that’ll at least be wearable, so only a soupçon of despair over here.)

Made-It Monday: 30-minute skirt

I’ve had so much fun with alliterative blog post titles I figured Made-It Monday would be a good one to show off a finished project. It turns out the first finished object from my recent sewing is not the Sorbetto, because I still need to pick up some bias binding so I can finish the neckline and armholes.
But I was on a roll  Sunday, so I also cut out a couple other things, including a new version of the (free) 30-minute pencil skirt pattern. I had tried it last year, although apparently I never wrote a review, and found the resulting skirt too tight but promisingly cute. Even with being smaller now, I (based on the flat pattern measurements) added some additional to the size XL. Then I ended up taking most of it out in the side seams because the slinky remnant I used is quite stretchy.

Sorry for the uninspiring mirror selfie, but I don’t have a non-phone camera right now. You can see it’s basically a black slightly-shaped rectangle with an elastic waist, so you’re not missing much. Honestly, although I ended up with a wearable result, I’m not sure I’d recommend this pattern. True, it’s free, but I don’t understand why I keep having so much trouble with the sizing. I suppose the amount of ease you need in this kind of style varies a lot based not only on your figure and how you like to wear things, but on each individual knit and its stretchiness and drape. Something like the Pamela’s Patterns Magic Pencil Skirt, which I haven’t tried myself but have heard good things about, might save you frustration in the long run.

But still – wearable result, I wore it all day and it was comfy and worked great. Finished wearable clothes are a step in the right direction, I’d say.