Make & Mend is off to a grand start

This weekend I: fixed the zipper seam on two skirts, fixed the hem on two more, and restitched a crotch seam on a pair of PJ pants. I am embarrassed to say how long some of these garments had been waiting around for me to mend them.

I also hemmed the one unfinished edge of an embroidered linen remnant from my recent sewing gals get-together. Voila, instant tablecloth. (Table also featuring the roses my husband got me for our anniversary two weeks ago, which are showing their age.)

I also finished a small quilt top, but I’ll post about that separately once I get photos taken.
Tonight there’s hockey, so I hope to get some buttons sewn on while I watch, and keep the streak going.
Yes, I do tend to work in manic bursts of speed balanced out by long stretches of sloth, why do you ask?

Make & Mend

I’m not participating in Me-Made-June this month. Among other reasons, it’s been an unseasonably cool and wet spring here – it’s actually raining as I write, which is pretty unheard of for June in my corner of the Bay Area – and I don’t have enough me-sewn items for layering and cool weather.

But I am going to participate in New Vintage Lady’s current go-round of Make & Mend. I’ve got several pieces that need hems fixed or other fiddly bits, a few sets of buttons to replace, and my stash of reclaimed fabric from FabMo that needs using, not to mention the stack of UFOs.

I’m not going to make any specific goals, because I’ve got several other deadlines breathing down my neck, but I will try to clear out as much as I can – and if that means throwing some of it away, I’m OK with that.

What about you? What item has been sitting in your sewing corner, waiting for a little bit of mending, for way too long?