Buying from the big boys

As a (former) viewer of Project Runway I knew about Mood Fabrics, but thought of it as the kind of place I’d never shop, even online – way too fancy and rich for my blood. I’m not sure why, except for the link with the fashion industry. But the Mood sewing bloggers have done a great job of opening my eyes to the wide variety of fabrics and prices they carry in their online store. I still haven’t bought from them, but when I saw that you could add their logo to your blog for a chance to win a $200 gift certificate, I took the opportunity. Here’s the info about the contest, if you want to participate as well. I could get a lot of knits for $200 *fingers crossed*.
The big kahuna of fabric stores here in San Francisco is, of course, Britex. Whenever I go up to the city I try to stop in, but usually I come home at most with a remnant or two or some buttons or trim, since a lot of their fabric is super-pricey. (On the other hand, if you or someone you know needs a designer-name wool suiting for $50-100 a yard, Britex is your place.) They do, however, carry more reasonably-priced and more casual fabrics, and the selection on their website is getting better and better. I need a dark navy petersham for a skirt waistband for my German poly crepe, and while I was at it got sucked into a 50% off sale they were having on some fabrics.  I picked up this gray/brown stretch cotton which I plan to turn into a Hummingbird skirt.