2008 sewing goals

I have a new SM I haven’t even blogged about, and several posts to make – and then my power was out most of yesterday due to a winter storm. La. Here’s my thoughts on my sewing goals for 2008, anyway.

Sewing blogs and boards have been buzzing for the last couple weeks, with everyone talking about their sewing resolutions for the new year. I tend to avoid too many metrics in something that’s supposed to be an enjoyable hobby. But this year was the first year that I sewed consistently and finished wearable garments on a regular basis. I’ve learned a lot – about fitting, finishing and pressing, particularly – and I can finally see the possibility that I could get really good at this stuff with practice.

I have some skills that I want to develop: get better at putting in zippers, figure out how to make consistently-good machine buttonholes (my new machine should help with this), and lots more; but I think the projects that I work on will automatically help me learn new skills, if slowly. I need to stop buying patterns that I don’t really need, and impulse buy less fabric. So here are my resolutions for the new year:

0. Get rid of all patterns and fabric I don’t love

1. Complete the Timmel SWAP contest

2. Enter items in a minimum of 4 PR contests

3. Buy a maximum of 12 new patterns this year (I had originally thought 4, but perhaps I should crawl before walking)

4. Make up 12 patterns from my stash for the first time, one a month (muslins ok, but wearable preferred)

5. Maintain 1:1 fabric parity (yards out equal yards in)

6. Finish some of the charity and swap block quilt tops that I have malingering in my quilting box (4 for the year would be nice)