June Knipmode rises again

Funny postscript to my tale of downloading a KM pattern digitally – I was traveling in Europe at the beginning of the month. In my 90 unoccupied minutes in the Brussels train station, I managed to eat a surprisingly good slice of pizza a la fromage from Sbarro (!) and buy a copy of Knipmode from the station news agent. It was, of course, the June issue, so now I own the top pattern in two formats. Ah well. I wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to buy Knipmode from (nearly) its home turf, and the June issue is a nice one anyway.

Interestingly, there was also a pattern mag that looked to be made of Simplicity patterns, but provided in a pattern-mag traceable format rather than in envelope form.

I also picked up a little bit of fabric in Germany, and an English-language copy of Burda Easy in the Munich airport. They also had the regular BurdaStyle in German, Sabrina Woman (the German edition of LMB, I think), the German-language version of Ottobre, and a couple others.