Yay Finns!

The pictures of the new Ottobre Design are up, the women’s fall issue. (Click on In English then on the magazine cover at bottom right.) Their preview’s never as extensive as Burda’s, but nonetheless I think it’s going to be a really nice and useful issue. Lots of what OW is becoming known for, basic styles easily customizable, and if luck holds, really good drafting and fit. Really, I should just give up buying patterns and make everything out of OW and modifying TNTs, but what fun is that?

It’s also always interesting to browse through Ottobre, as they use ‘real people’ models. It’s at once more accessible, as the sizes are more realistic and more like most of us, and a little weird, since we’re all so used to looking at Burda WOF and fashion magazines, where even the plus-size models are buff and gorgeous. The Too Fat for Fashion blog has made a wonderful point: when we’re all habituated to seeing these gorgeous models all the time, when they are genetic and lifestyle outliers, we come to associate that with normal or average, whether or not we try to consciously.

Personally, I think all the famous designers who say ‘clothes just look better on the extremely skinny’ are suffering from the same malady. Sure, some kinds of clothes look better on skinny people, and those clothes tend to be the ones in the fashion shows, thanks to years of the in-crowd doing the same ole thing and shunning those who didn’t follow along. But some clothes look better on curvier people, and designers just don’t want to have to do the work to draft clothes for bigger figures, because it’s more time consuming. Heck, I’m amazed that RTW fits at all, ever – even people with the same measurements will have different body shapes.

One designer that does design plus size (and only plus size) is Anna Scholz, and her fall collection is truly lovely. I don’t know why I didn’t post this collection on my blog before. (I didn’t, did I?)