2011: the year of sewalongs?

Hi! How is everyone? I hope your holidays were lovely. Mine were… not as bad as they could have been. Enough said; moving on.

There seem to be an amazing number of sewalongs happening right now in the blogosphere. Perhaps like me, everyone wants to get back into sewing after the holiday slump. (I’m always jealous of people who can spend their whole break sewing, because I always end up traveling to visit family and am never at home. I didn’t even get a chance to work with my mom on our joint quilt this year – the quilt that will probably take 20 years to finish if things continue as they have been.)

Two sewalongs that I do plan to participate in are The Cupcake Goddess’s Trouser Sewalong in January (thanks to Sharon for the link), and the men’s shirt sewalong in February at Male Pattern Boldness. Given the amount of toleration my husband’s had for all my fabric and sewing stuff expanding to fill a large percentage of our place of abode, I really should sew for him more often.

I’m a tad behind with the trouser sewalong, but as long as I can get my muslin sewn and fitted by the end of the weekend I’m golden. I plan to use a plus-size Burda envelope pattern – god knows I won’t be able to find it on the hideous Burda site to show you, but it’s a simple side-zip with a faced waist and a straight leg.

Peter plans to use the Colette Negroni pattern for the men’s shirt sewalong, but since my DH is quite tall and, um, a bit chunky, and prefers short-sleeved sport type shirts anyway, I will stick with the Simplicity (?) pattern I’ve made for him once before, or if I’m feeling particularly cheeky, try a Kwik Sew.