Mine is now a 2-SM workroom

Several years ago, my parents got me a very basic sewing machine for Christmas; it’s one of the things that got me back into sewing. After I got my shiny new Kenmore a while ago, the little White sat ignored on the back corner of my sewing table. Until last weekend, when I dusted it off and fired it up. I wanted to see if I could set it up as a quilt piecing machine, so I could alternate working on quilts and garments without having switch over my other SM.

The attempt didn’t begin well – first I broke off a needle when I mixed up the stitch length and stitch width selectors, and accidentally tried to zigzag with a straight-stitch foot. Then my bobbin thread was messed up no matter what the tension setting – then I figured out I’d put the bobbin in backwards. (That’s what happens when you get used to a drop-in bobbin.) Once I got all that user fail out the the way, the machine performed well. In fact, the White does better with small pieces than the Kenmore, probably because of the narrower feed dogs. It does have a tendency for the top layer to end up longer than the bottom – maybe I should finally delve into the world of walking feet.

Here are some of the blocks I made last Sunday – these are for a solid-color strips challenge from the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild, the meeting of which I attended on Saturday. The layout is similar to Amish Strips & Stripes from MaryQuilts.com, but in a larger size. It’s not my usual color palette, but I kinda like it; somehow it feels very Ben Sherman.