More fall inspirations: Soft Surroundings

The Soft Surroundings catalog kinda cracks me up. It’s the kind of thing that’s a bit overblown and rarely seen anywhere else; kinda like the International Male catalog for women over 30. It has pieces with shapes that you don’t really see a lot of other places – which can be bad if they’re out of style, but good if they suit/fit you. A lot of it is easily sew-able, too.

Is velvet back? Looks cozy in any case.

This would be killer in a felted or boiled wool.

The Duro has been done to death, but I think that in solid colored jersey and in a tunic length it’s still really flattering to most. This is a lot like the Hot Patterns duro-esque top (which I still have unmade somewhere in my pattern stash, tsk).

I’m seeing a lot of tucks in jackets and blouses this fall.

I never know what to do with any of those many brocades that JoAnn’s sells, but this would be a good use. Quick to make up and would really make a semi-formal outfit pop.