Stash organization

Via some blog links, I came across, which lets you build an online inventory of boxes and their contents, attaching digital photos of your items, etc. Obviously this was originally designed for people with storage spaces, but I think it would also work well for anyone with a big fabric stash (or anyone who has to pack some of it away where it’s not easily browsable).

Extreme Makeover: Fabric Stash Edition

I promised some before and after pictures of redoing my fabric storage area:

This is more like During than Before, as I’ve already started sorting in this picture (that’s what all the bags and piles are), but it’s very dramatic 🙂

Here’s the After: god bless plastic drawers, eh? I ended up dividing everything up by knit/woven and then colors – the bottom four drawers on the left are knits, in black/darks, blues and greens, pinks and purples, and white/cream/lights, and the bottom four drawers on the right are the same, but for wovens. The top left drawer is currently remnants, and the top right has my tentative SWAP fabrics. I wasn’t able to fit linings and muslin fabrics in these drawers; they’re over in the cabinets below my cutting surface, which is fine actually since I don’t need to browse them often.

Here’s the wide angle, showing my machine and cutting surface too.