If that ain’t love I don’t know what is*

I posted a review of Fabric in the City, Portland OR, on PR. I also visited Josephine’s Dry Goods and Fabric Depot on my visit. Fabric Depot is out in a suburban area of Portland (but a couple blocks from the MAX) and in an old Kmart-ish building. It’s *huge* and the prices are quite good. I got a couple cottons. I got some nice printed cordoroy from Josephine’s and some quilting cotton from Fabric in the City. I didn’t get to Mill End, Rose City Textiles, or Ruth’s Rags, the other fabric stores in the Portland area that are highly recommended online, since none of them was easily reachable via public transit. Ruth’s Rags was only a half mile from the MAX line, which is a totally doable walk for me, but I was so busy I couldn’t get a few hours free during the day to actually make the trip.

*Loretta Lynn, “Portland Oregon”