Starting to think about fall sewing

Colette Patterns is doing another palette challenge, this one for fall. Long-time readers of my blog may remember that SWAPs and wardrobe sewing always appeal to me mentally, but then I never actually finish the darn things. OK, I did finish one SWAP a couple years ago, but several of the pieces were basically DOA and never got worn. This palette challenge makes me want to reconsider – mostly because I love the set of Pantone colors that are supposed to be in for fall. Silliness of the whole Pantone color trend thing aside, I adore that palette – which is funny since individually some of them I tend to avoid, like the mid-orange and the Pepto-pink (so not the names Pantone gave them!).

Speaking of Colette, how cute are the new patterns for fall? I still haven’t progressed with my Beignet muslin but if the fit is as good as the tissue fit suggested, I will be all over the pants pattern.